First, I designed a logo for the book packagaing company, Downtown Bookworks (above, left).
Then, they launched a publishing side of their business, so I reworked the logo
to work as a book brand (above, right). They use both
to represent the different sides of their business.




I also designed the Downtown Bookworks Inc. websites (here)



Natural Parenting Expo (logo shown in my poster design as well as alone, below)






Logo and business card layout for a midwifery practice in Madison, Wisconsin




The Madison Birth Center logo: their original logo had elements of the updated one,
but needed a refreshening via new colors, simplifying of imagery, and a new typeface.




logo for a small company specializing in author/book trailers




One of this business' owners wanted a horizontal card, the other preferred a vertical,
hence the two different layouts, above.




logo for a yearly event at a preschool






logo for a Girl Scouts / Time for Kids book catalog
below: associated Girl Scouts patches






group of logos for New York League of Conservation Voters' website









Thank you, for the years of hosting!!