I do both the design and code for the small websites I make. However, when I was the art director for the mid-90s online magazine (www.stim.com), I worked with a team of programmers and would be happy to do that again if the project called for it. As of mid-2014 I am testing out new, more dynamic web design techniques and will have my new projects up here soon.


In early 2015, I designed the site (and logo) for the new non-profit, The American Playwriting Foundation
(including a smaller, phone version)



I designed and maintain twin websites for Downtown Bookworks Inc.



ethanhauser.com (2013)



greenandgroovycrafts.com (2011)


the original 14th Steret Y site (since changed)

the original Garner and Cowie Photography site
(since changed)



the original Sew Fast Sew Easy site (since changed)



the original Fresh Art site (since changed)